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    Right Inventory at the Right Time.
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    Ducotrax Mobile
    Ducotrax Mobile Inventory
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Web Based Inventory Management Software

Ducotrax is a Cloud based inventory management platform that enables businesses to have the "Right inventory at the Right time".

Your business depends on having the right product in the optimal quantity on your shelves at the time you need it. If you're using a pen, paper and spreadsheet, or even an out-dated software suite to keep track of your inventory, chances are your business is loosing money - and you're not even aware of it.


Latin word base - to calculate, count, reckon, consider


Phonetic spelling of the software's function - it tracks your inventory.

Ducotrax helps eliminate the three most expensive mistakes your business makes.

  • Locations


    Not having items on your shelves when the customer needs them costs you un-told revenue from lost sales

  • Levels


    Having old inventory that doesn't sell leaves cash sitting on your shelves, and ties up working capital.

  • Setup

    Data Entry Errors

    Each time you enter and re-enter data from once system to another, you run the risk of introducing errors into the data.

  • Mobile Ready

Current Systemwide Stats

Total Itemstracked with Ducotrax
Locationsstoring inventory
Total Valuecurrent customer inventory
  • Different

    How is Ducotrax different?

    From the very beginning, our inventory management software was designed to support a large range of business cases. From small to medium business (SMB) needs, to enterprise mobility requirements Ducotrax is ready to serve.

  • Special

    What's so special?

    Access to your data has never been so easy and reachable. Login and view information about your inventory from just about anywhere at anytime!

  • Needed

    Why do I need it?

    Our Software will increase productivity in the warehouse, in the field, or anywhere you call on it. The days of hand counting items and tallying in spreadsheets has finally come to an end. Simply put, this software will make your inventory job easier!